Medicine Hat Golf & Country Club’s Notice of Covid-19 Restriction Exemption Protocols

As most of you are aware, on Wednesday September 15th the Alberta Government, along with AHS released new health measures that took effect yesterday with additional measures to food and beverage establishments beginning at 12:01 am Monday September 20th. They also announced that a business or service affected by these new measures will be able to opt into a Restrictions Exemption Program.

With that being said, the MHG&CC will be implementing the Restriction Exemption Program in the Clubhouse in order to remain operational. What does this look like?

As of Monday September 20th in accordance to the AHS Restriction Exemption Program, the following protocols will be implemented in order to use the Clubhouse and patios for dine-in service:

NOTE: businesses participating in the Restriction Exemption Program are not required to require proof of vaccination from their employees and children under 12 years of age.

Masking in all areas of the building will continue under the Provincial Mask Mandate.

You do not need to provide proof of the above-mentioned protocols to use the washroom facilities, for take out orders (both food and beverage), access the office, or enter the Pro-Shop (which will be limited to 1/3 capacity).

Please remember to extend kindness to your serving staff during this time. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for anyone mistreating or abusing ANY of the MHG&CC staff, members, or guests. If you have any questions or concerns, please bring them up with me directly:, 403-529-6930 ext. 105.

We appreciate your continued cooperation.

Thank you,

The MHG&CC Management Team and Board of Directors

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